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内容摘要:Lawsuits filed against Chinese smartphone maker LeEco for not paying dues对中国智能手机制造商LeEco(乐视)提起诉讼因不支付会费【日期】2017年11月27日【连接】https://economictim...

Lawsuits filed against Chinese smartphone maker LeEco for not paying dues


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LeEco, in its quest to be a top player in India's booming
smartphone market, spent Rs 50-80 crore a month on
advertising and marketing between January and August 2016.

MUMBAI: Indian media agency network Madison Media Group and Publicis-owned creative agency Leo Burnett have filed lawsuits against cash-strapped Chinese electronic company LeEco over non-payment of dues. The lawsuits have been filed after LeEco failed to make payments for the period from January-December 2016, and some media executives said they are now more cautious in dealing with big-spending Chinese smartphone makers.

孟买:因不缴纳会费,资金周转不灵的中国电子公司——乐视,已被印度媒体网络代理商麦迪逊传媒集团和阳狮独资创意机构李奥贝纳( Leo Burnett)提起诉讼。乐视(LeEco)未能支付在2016年1月至12月期间的相关会费,所以被提起诉讼,一些媒体高管表示,他们现在在应对中国大型智能手机制造商方面更加谨慎。

While Madison is suing LeEco for Rs 39 crore plus interest in a Hong Kong court, Leo Burnett has filed a case in the Bombay High Court for dues of Rs 2.65 crore.
当麦迪逊集团正在香港一家法院对乐视(LeEco)提起包含利息在内共39亿卢比的诉讼时,李奥·伯内特(Leo Burnett)已在孟买高等法院(Bombay High court)提起2.65亿卢比的诉讼。

"We have filed the case in the Hong Kong court because we were given bank guarantees by LeEco Hong Kong and LeEco India," Sam Balsara, chairman at Madison Media, told ET.
“我们已经在香港法庭提起诉讼,因为我们事先得到了乐视香港和乐视印度的银行担保,”麦迪逊传媒(Madison Media)董事长萨姆•巴尔萨拉(Sam Balsara)接受《经济时报》采访时表示。

"We have already crossed the first hurdle and as the judiciary there is reasonably fast, we are hoping a decision in our favour by mid-next year," he said. Balsara said that while all the media partners have been patient, the LeEco case is a lesson for everyone.

"This is a lesson for all of us to procure bank guarantees from clients whose financial standing is not very clear," he said. Three Madison companies were serving LeEco.
他说:“从那些财务状况不太清楚的客户那里获得银行担保,这对我们所有人来说是一个教训。” 麦迪逊的三家公司都在为乐视服务。

"We were not just buying traditional media, but also digital and outdoor for them," Balsara said. "After they failed to pay, we stopped all ads since August last year."

An executive at Leo Burnett confirmed the legal action against the Chinese firm. LeEco, in its quest to be a top player in India's booming smartphone market, spent Rs 50-80 crore a month on advertising and marketing between January and August 2016.
利奥·贝纳(Leo Burnett)的一名高管证实了对这家中国公司的法律诉讼。乐视(LeEco)为了在印度蓬勃发展的智能手机市场独占鳌头,2016年1月至8月期间,每月在广告和营销上花费了50 - 80亿卢比。

"After burning cash and the parent company getting cash-strapped, LeEco has vanished from India without paying its dues," said a digital vendor whose dues are pending. "Some vendors have approached courts, while others are still trying to reach out to the company," the person said on condition of anonymity.一家正在等待司法处理结果的数字供应商表示:“乐视在烧钱后,母公司就现金不足,如今在没有付清供应商的欠款的情况下,乐视已经从印度消失了。”

A LeEco legal representative refused to comment over nonpayment of dues, but she insisted: "We have not shut operations in India."

However, there is no activity on LeEco's verified social media account on Twitter. The last tweet posted by the company was on June 16.

LeEco's failure to pay has made vendors and media executives suspicious about other Chinese smartphone vendors as well.

"Chinese smartphone companies like Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi are spending heavily on advertising and marketing. But what are their credentials?" said an ad sales executive of a TV broadcast company.

"They come with big budgets, but what is to stop them from shutting shop and leaving? I won't be surprised if more such companies leave in the next 2 years," the person said on condition of anonymity.
“他们拥有巨大预算,但是怎样防止他们突然关店歇业 ?接下来的2年若有更多这样的公司出现,我表示一点也不奇怪”,一位不愿透露姓名的人士说。

LeEco entered in the highly competitive and cluttered Indian mobile market space in January 2016 and started splurging on a high-decibel marketing blitz. At the time of launch, the company had announced partnerships with Now and Yupp TV for content play. It had also announced opening of an R&D centre in Bengaluru with over 1,000 employees.
乐视于2016年1月进入竞争激烈和混乱的印度移动市场,并开始在高分贝的营销闪电战中大肆烧钱。在发布的时候,该公司已经宣布与Now和Yupp TV在内容播放的合作伙伴关系。它还宣布在班加罗尔开设一个员工超过1000人的研发中心。





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